Chapter Ten: Parable

Eve’s Punishment “The devil’s agent, enemies of God” screeched the misogynist judge.“Confess your sin and rest in peace; look me not with your evil eyes!”“Demon back!” “Take this woman to hang and burn,” jeered the young guard.“Entertainment for the holy… Read More ›

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Chapter Eight: Infatuation

The Choices of Roses and Ice Blue windows to your soul, Bottomless and cold, Daydreaming from afar, Crab rebel in mask’s hole. Gemstones with opaque glances, Meanings awash in a storm; Adoring from afar, Rejection halting all chances. Feelings hidden… Read More ›

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Chapter One: My Love

I miss you I woke up and you’re away.Your deep brown beautiful eyes,The musky scent of your skin,Gentle hands, passionate arms,Tingles flying up my back.I miss your trembling lips, I love you. My BeautifulA sensitive soul, you’re just like a… Read More ›

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