Naked Violet

A collection of poetry and prose which reflect the author’s lived experiences of loss, love and relationships. Historical events are also included

Chapter Six: History

Beautiful SeascapePort Arthur was a convict’s hell, Hardship rang their death knell, Colonialism tried to impel, Aborigines, eggshells to repel.Now a world heritage island hop, Historic daily tours nonstop, Forget and visit the gift shop, Dead men in the backdrop.One… Read More ›

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Chapter Four: Extinct Flames

Abstruse We are two but I am alone.Do you only hear me drone? May fate already have sewn, Crying a stifled moan. My tears silently calling, Insignificance falling, Unnoticed by your mauling,Intent on your own recalling. Lust is different to… Read More ›

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Chapter Three: Black Dog

Trigger Warning: Suicidal Ideation A Fragment Remains A petal suffocated in a storm, Convulsive squalls swarming me to conform, Dragged though alleyways trying to deform, An innocent, fragile, floundering form. Solitary islands, drifting perhaps? Delicate bridges starting to relapse. Red… Read More ›

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Chapter One: My Love

I miss you I woke up and you’re away.Your deep brown beautiful eyes,The musky scent of your skin,Gentle hands, passionate arms,Tingles flying up my back.I miss your trembling lips, I love you. My BeautifulA sensitive soul, you’re just like a… Read More ›

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