Bedtime Stories for Purple Girls

A collection of short stories which focus on alternate realities, loss, desperation and revenge.

Chapter Nine: The Box

There was a quick rap on the front door. Lisa opened the door and saw no one. Her eyes sweeping the street she felt that same anxiety again. Was she watching? If so, where? There were three parked cars in… Read More ›

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Chapter Eight: Raw

Lily giggled excitedly as Jack unlaced her velvet corset. Standing behind her, he moulded her to him. His hands roamed adeptly over her naked breasts, gently rubbing her nipples. With a soft sigh, she leant her head back into his… Read More ›

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Chapter Seven: Broken

Friday Morning “Baby, I miss you.” (Gabriel) Friday Night It was a bittersweet night for Lucy. She went to Dogma, her favourite nightclub, to lose herself in the music. She came alone. Then she saw Gabriel and it hurt. It… Read More ›

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Chapter Four: A Rare Bird

Kathy placed the smelly yellow hazmat suit over her dirty clothes. To travel above ground you had to fit throughout the small tunnel systems. Only children saw above now. She squeezed through the manhole to get through. Her job was… Read More ›

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Chapter Three: The Big C

Trigger Warning: Cancer, Epilepsy, PNES (Psychogenic Non-Epileptic Seizures) This story is selfishly about me. I wasn’t the one with cancer but I have found out its impact is family wide. When my mum had cancer, and thankfully survived, our family… Read More ›

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