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My writing style is dark, disturbing and gothic.

  • Chapter Four: Extinct Flames

    Abstruse We are two but I am alone.Do you only hear me drone? May fate already have sewn, Crying a stifled moan. My tears silently calling, Insignificance falling, Unnoticed by your mauling,Intent on your own recalling. Lust is different to… Read More ›

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  • Chapter One : Rabbit

    Dormant… Rabbit annihilated Gary’s life. In its flowery summer dress, the rabbit shed tears, not for Gary, but herself. She wondered how many times he would have to die in this small dingy room, but Daddy did have to die…. Read More ›

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  • Chapter Three: Black Dog

    Trigger Warning: Suicidal Ideation A Fragment Remains A petal suffocated in a storm, Convulsive squalls swarming me to conform, Dragged though alleyways trying to deform, An innocent, fragile, floundering form. Solitary islands, drifting perhaps? Delicate bridges starting to relapse. Red… Read More ›

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  • Chapter Two: Betrayal

    betrayal poetry

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  • Chapter One: My Love

    I miss you I woke up and you’re away.Your deep brown beautiful eyes,The musky scent of your skin,Gentle hands, passionate arms,Tingles flying up my back.I miss your trembling lips, I love you. My BeautifulA sensitive soul, you’re just like a… Read More ›

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