Chapter One

A young journalist interviews an avant-garde sculptor. A hidden world emerges, where a Queen vampire rules her coven with an iron fist. Survival is a must. Escape is uncertain.

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Lesleigh May Hart is an Australian writer, who’s style is dark, disturbing and Gothic. This includes four ongoing works: Bedtime Stories for Purple Girls (short stories), The Blood (erotic horror), Naked Violet (poetry & prose) and Whispered Words from a Wicked Mind (flash fiction). These are all recommended for a mature audience.

Books covers for Bedtime Stories for Purple Girls, The Blood & Naked Violet. Images from Unsplash by Zohre Nemati, Rachael Lomas, Rodolfo Sanches Carvealho & Vadim Sadovski respectively.

Excerpt from Chapter One: The Rabbit in Bedtime Stories for Purple Girls.

Image by Aimee Vogelsang from Unsplash.

Debbieโ€™s features distorted as she walked into her kitchen. Her petite face filled with rage as she slammed the utensil down.

Her left eye twitched and her body jerked. Her demeanor changed again. She started wiping the blood splatters off the kitchen counter. Some splotches remained behind on the stove top but she would get to that later.

First, she had to talk to Father. Rage filled her at the thought of him. Her eyes rolled in her head and aloud she said: โ€œweโ€™re going to fucking roast him!โ€ Picking up the scissors she stormed into the spare bedroom. She slammed the door shut and watched Father jump and piss himself.

Excerpt from The Blood: Chapter One.

Image by Timofey Urov from Unsplash

Lise heard a door open behind her. Soft whispering filled the room. The board moved and Lise was again staring at the ceiling. Lise felt herself being blind-folded. The board splayed Lise’s legs. Her hands remained pinned to her side. Lise felt a hand caress her leg and move toward her inner thigh. Something wet entered her, big and uncomfortable. Large hands touched her breasts, pulling hard at her nipples. Nails raked her flesh.

Her hands became free. Lise moved and ripped off her blindfold. Cameras recorded every move. The Queen stood behind a cameraman with a malicious smile on her face. Lise found a pale-skinned powerful man covering her. His long dark brown hair fell onto her breasts. He smiled wickedly at her. His fangs showed.

Without warning, he pulled her off the board, picked her up and shoved her against the wall. He thrust his fangs and cock into her simultaneously. She cried out in pain. She started biting him back, rending his shoulders with her fangs to escape. He must have been an older vampire than her. Lise felt like a human in his arms. She couldn’t think. Was he drinking too much blood, or could he do mind control? Either way, she flopped in his arms and did nothing while he ravaged her.

Glowing Embers from Chapter 15: Violated in Naked Violet.

Image by Elle Cartier from Unsplash

My body has trouble forgetting,
It relives the bloodletting,
My brain says never mind,
Perhaps it is more kind.

I could smell you if I were blind,
Aftershave and sweat combined,
I know our marriage bed,
Flashbacks to how I fled.

I have lost the exact time,
Nor the day of the war crime,
No anniversary to recall,
The night I was your thrall.

I tried to forget by drinking,
But instead, I was sinking,
I became a toy to destroy,
Anyone’s Helen of Troy.

I love and trust another man,
Now there is a new floor plan,
But still the body remembers,
We make love amidst the embers.

Thoughts of you bring contempt,
I know you will never repent,
But yet the body remembers,
I hope one day it will forget.

5 replies

  1. Great poem. So, heart touching…
    Enjoyed it from the beginning. ๐Ÿ˜Š

    Hope you write lot of poems.
    Full of love & lot of sense. ๐Ÿ˜Š

    Liked by 1 person

  2. You are a unique personality. Anand Bose from Kerala

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Love your poem. It speaks to me and even though i have not been there i can somehow imagine what it would be like. very well worded

    Liked by 1 person

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