The Blue Ute

Lizzy thumbed a lift in the dark blue ute. She buckled up and looked at the old lady driving it. Good choice, she thought, trying to not laugh aloud.

Margaret looked at the young blonde who got in her car. What an idiot! So scrawny. Just perfect for the kill.

The car was heavy with silence.

The CCTV camera recorded a blue ute driving into the petrol station. Pete could see the two women in the ute get out. The young woman followed the older one to the female toilets.

Lizzy liked using knives. To get that hit of fear and blood all over her. Margaret was busy. Sometimes you needed to pee. Old lady bladder problems!

The lights turned off. It was unexpected, but the darkness made it fun. Margaret finished pissing, and pulled her knife out. She had seen the blade winking in the semi-darkness during the drive. She loved knives, peeling the skin off while they were alive was the best.

The night vision goggles were very helpful. Pete saw what they were doing and loved it. He recorded it so he could play it back later. The winner would be his to play with.

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