Chapter Three

Tuesday continued…

As Miette was herded toward the Mercedes she felt a light caress down her spine. It repulsed her. The woman opened the door for Miette. As Miette was bending down to get into the car, she was slapped on the bottom. She was shocked into silence. Then the woman gracefully seated herself. She leaned over and grabbed hold of Miette around the waist, pulling her close. She knew Miette would be to embarrassed to make a fuss in public. Miette recoiled into the seat, trying to escape through the back of the seat, digging a metaphorical hole with her hands. Miette pushed the woman’s shoulders with her hands to keep her away. Smiling inanely into Miette’s face, her breath musky, the woman pulled away and slammed on the accelerator. That is when Miette noticed there were no door handles on the inside of the car.

The woman drove for an hour. It seemed more. Endless roads, no houses. No escape.

The car pulled up before metallic two metre gates, swung open by a mechanism inside the car. They clanged shut behind them as the car eased it way down the driveway. The woman drove about half way down and stopped behind a grove of trees. Easing herself out of the car, the women walked around the back, whistling, as she opened Miette’s door.

“Wouldn’t you love to live here?” she questioned, a naughty smile playing on her lips.

“It’s okay, but I’d prefer to live near my family,” Miette fenced, unsure why she needed to fight with every word.

The woman pulled Miette out of the car, with surprising strength, and blocked her in against the car, with her arms on both sides. Moving so her body rubbed against Miette she said, “Darling, do you have a girlfriend or boyfriend?”

“Yes I do and we’re engaged to be married!” Miette protested, but her lie was written all over her face.

“Good, good,” she said, kissing Miette on her neck. Miette froze. The woman placed one hand around the back of Miette’s neck, the other around her waist, pulling her closer, while controlling her by the unspoken threat around her neck. Pressure can hurt without bruising. The woman’s hand slid lower and unzipped Miette’s skirt. As it fell to the ground Miette felt humiliated and scared. She attempted to push away the woman while picking up her skirt, to no avail.

“Let me go! You’re hurting my neck!” Miette cried. Tears of helplessness poured down her cheeks.

The woman devoured her tears, licking them slowly as it they were water to a dehydrated man. A look of intense satisfaction crossed the woman’s face. “If you stop struggling you’d enjoy it more.” With a brief smile she bit into Miette’s neck.

Miette remained unconscious for the next hour, except for a few brief seconds when she saw the woman rising above her like a python about to strike. She felt cold. Strange. She thought she’d put on enough warm clothes this morning. Then she passed out again. It’s amazing what a stone crushed into someone’s temple can achieve.

The Queen was enjoying Miette. She stripped her and lay her underneath a nearby gum tree. She took her own clothes off, folding them as she went. She unwound her hair, letting it fall in waves down her porcelain back. She ravaged her. Ripping Miette’s clothing into pieces, biting and tasting everywhere. Next time she would be more prepared and have her implements too. She would make this one enjoy pleasuring her. While Miette was unconscious, the Queen pulled our her dagger to mark Miette as her own. Damn! Miette was conscious. Grabbing a nearby stone she thrust it violently against Miette’s temple. She lost consciousness again with blood coagulating down her face. The Queen rubbed against Miette’s body, laying on top of her and gently scooped up the blood trickling down Miette’s cheek. A shudder filled her body. This blood was pure.

Again she grabbed her dagger and carved into Miette’s left breast her symbol of ownership, an ankh with a tiny black rose in the middle. Miette groaned in pain. The Queen slapped Miette hard in the face. After that she put up no resistance.

The Queen walked to her Mercedes and placed the remains of Miette’s clothes and her clothes in the boot. She pulled out a triangular piece of black silk and wrapped it around her hips. She left her breasts and hair free. She clicked her fingers and the tame doctor came out of the nearby bushes. She motioned for the doctor to place the woman inside the car. Without care he threw Miette over his shoulder where she hung like butchered meat on a hook.

Whenever the Queen wasn’t looking he groped Miette. He was excited about Morya’s plan. He wouldn’t betray her while he got something out it. Under the guise of the looking at the wound, he casually traced her left breast.

“Bring her to my office so I can treat that,” he said coldly.

“You’re not to touch her,” the Queen snapped, impaling him with her vicious dark eyes. Take one of the ladies if your really bored. They’ll comply if I tell them to.” She smiled, filling with pleasure at the unlimited power.

“What about Morya,” he said casually, trying to sound uninterested. He wanted this so it would give them a legitimate reason to be together, so they could get little rebellion underway.

“Fine,” she said, for once too distracted to think about ulterior motives. “Just keep away from Miette. She’s mine.”

With a flick of her hair, she gracefully eased into her Mercedes and drove away, leaving the doctor smiling.


Miette awoke confused on a Queen-sized bed, draped in black satin. She was not tied to the bed but she was naked. Eloquent bars restrained her freedom. Where the hell am I, she thought, trying not to panic. The last thing she remembered was her fear as the woman molested her. At least, that’s what she figured happened.

She had to escape. Get the police. She looked around the room. She was alone. There was an archway but no door. Blood red curtains hung like wet, thick hair in tatters. She could hear whispers, soft and subtle. She looked around the room for some clothing to wear but there was not wardrobe in sight. All she could drape around herself was a little triangle of red silk cloth.

Topless women walked into her room, all wearing red silk triangular shaped material that just covered their pubic area. They acted as if nakedness was normal but it made Miette feel very uncomfortable.

“Don’t worry,” the dark-haired girl, with the purple sash said. “You’ll get used to it.” She smiled at Miette. “Oh, my name’s Sarah.”

In mute incomprehension, Miette wondered at the calmness of these women. “Why are you all here?” she said.

“Don’t you know where you are?” spoke a strawberry blonde-haired woman, early 30s, the oldest in the group. “We’re are members of her harem. You’re her latest acquisition, hence the room. We all sleep in the hall,” she said.

“Who are you then?” asked Miette.

“I’m Jane. I’m essentially the den-mother here as I have been here the longest. It’s obvious you don’t know what has happened. We are in her compound with electrified fences in the middle of nowhere.” With a dark intense look in her eyes, Jane said, “we will never leave…”

Interrupting her, Miette said with an edge of desperation, “What if we all turned against her? She has no right to kidnap us!” She looked around the room for support and found dead eyes looking back at her.

“There are other ways,” Jane said, smiling with inevitability in her eyes. “I’m going to make it into that coven and I’m going to kill her. Slowly.”

Sarah spoke. “We’re actually in a better position than others. The servants stay because they are addicted to heroin. Unfortunately, there are plenty of desperate runaways willing to take a chance here.”

From outside the room, Miette could hear the sound of a door being unlocked. The room was filled with silence and fear. From behind the huddled group near the bed came a vicious cackling laugh. “Thank you for debriefing her Sarah. I’ll ensure the doctor rewards you” she drawled.

“Miette, I have never formally introduced myself to you,” said the beautiful terrifying artist. “I am your Queen. You will be mine until I am bored with you.” When she smiled fangs appeared in her mouth as she licked her lips in excitement.

“You will all undress and watch. None of you will or speak unless I tell you to,” said the Queen.

The harem women removed their sashes and stood in a row to one side of the room, their heads bowed in fear. The women tried to pretend they did not see or hear what was happening. They’d all experienced it before. Watching it just made them numb now.

The Queen started stalking Miette across the bed. Miette scrambled across the bed but ended up trapped against the bedhead. The Queen dragged Miette across the bed by her hair and pinned her to the bed. Miette tried to escape but failed. The Queen enjoyed Miette’s protestations.

Miette awoke on the same silky bed. She tasted blood in her mouth. Her lips felt bruised and her face hurt to touch. She knew she was naked and she could feel that she was bleeding. From the inside. She thought that only happened to virgins.

There was nothing to stop the blood flow. The mattress absorbed her blood, adding it to all the other dried blood stains covering the mattress. It was disgusting.

She didn’t remember much of what happened to her when the Queen hurt her. She remembered pain as hot instruments were applied to her tender flesh, her cries of mercy, the Queen’s laughter and the Queen’s orgasm.

It hurt to move but she knew she had to. Slowly she pulled herself into a sitting position with her back against the bedhead. She looked down. There were scratch marks on her thighs and stomach. Her hair felt sticky. Ugh! It felt thick with blood.

She thought to cry out for help but what was the point. She probably get raped and bled again. Best to deal with it on my own she thought. Pain can make you stronger. She inched over to the side of the bed. Slowly she placed her feet on the carpet and went to stand. She fell.

Sarah came into the room to find out how their new inmate had fared. Oh my God, she cried, as she came upon Miette’s unconscious body on the ground. There would be hell to pay for this one. The doctor was late. What had he not dealt with her wounds earlier? Some of them were internal.

She walked over to the wall and pressed an innocuous button. A piece of the wall near the button swung open. An angry vicious face stared at her. It was not the doctor as expected. Instead of the doctor answering his private monitor Morya did, one of the coven. Why was she there?

“What the fuck you you want slut?” yelled Morya angrily.

With her voice trembling, Sarah said, “It is a matter of utmost importance. Can you please tell the doctor he is needed in the harem.” Sarah kept her face down, eyes to the floor the entire time. She was worried. She didn’t want Morya to remember her face. This interruption could cost her blood.

“Fine you stupid bitch. But Sarah I know who you are.” Morya snarled, “There is a price to pay.”

Sarah said nothing as she had nothing that hadn’t been taken.

With a final malevolent smirk, Morya said, “I’ll take it from you when I want it. Let’s make it a surprise.”

The television monitor switched off leaving Sarah alone with her fears.

A month had passed and still Miette was a captive. It was not for want of trying. Instead of being allowed to sleep in the hall with the other women, Miette was forced to sleep in the same room she was raped and drunk from, tied to the bed with black silk. It was the Queen’s favourite cloth. Strangely enough although it didn’t leave permanent marks on the arms and legs it did hurt. Sleep was uncomfortable as Miette constantly woke up during the night as she tried to move in her sleep in a way the bindings didn’t allow.

The Queen visited Miette about three times a week. Miette could never tell how brutal it would be. It seemed to depend on whether the Queen was feeling frustrated or annoyed.

Sarah had told Miette she was lucky. She didn’t feels so, but granted Sarah had it worse.

Each night when Sarah fell asleep on the communal beds in the main hall of the harem she was scared. It was a month and still Morya had not come to collect. Why? Sarah felt like she had to be constantly on alert, listening for footsteps in the darkness.

Each time the doctor requested her she wondered if Morya might turn up to watch and lord it over her. Part of her wanted to rebel and escape pain. The other part wondered why she bothered to think about it, as it would happen anyway.

Just as she had fallen to sleep she felt someone nudging her shoulder. She came out of warily looking straight into the worried eyes of serving girl.

So this is where the harem women lived and died, the girl thought. “Miss, the doctor wants to see you in ten minutes. He said for you to surprise him. He requested you bring someone with you, like Miette.”

The girl stood up to leave but Sarah grabbed her arm. “Hey did he specifically request Miette? He must know Miette is the the Queen’s property.”

The serving girl shrugged her shoulders and tiptoed out of the room.

Sarah went to the shared closet and pulled out an outfit. It was a bodysuit entirely made of fishnet. With it she wore thigh-high PVC spike heeled boots and long satin gloves. Grabbing a floor length velvet cape, she enshrouded herself into it and waited at the harem door. She pressed a golden ankh on the door.

The door was slowly unlocked and opened by the only two male servants allowed in the house. Their duty was to guard this door and escort individual harem women to their appointed rendezvous.

She was shown to the doctor’s suite without comment or acknowledgement, except for small slap on her rear.

Sarah walked into pitch black. Shit! She banged her head into something metal and hard. She felt dazed. She quickly shook her head to clear her mind. So this was his game, to hunt her down in the darkness. He would be angry she did not bring Miette but the Queen’s anger was worse.

She walked with both of her hands searching in the gloom but she couldn’t feel or see anything. She knew he must be watching her.

The doctor was watching her. He was wearing night vision goggles so he could watch her stumble in fear. He almost started giggling in excitement.

She found her cape very suffocating. If he came up behind her she would be trapped like potatoes in a sack. Quickly she took off her cape to allow for greater movement. She hated the doctor and she hated herself for letting him take her, for not struggling longer, for not killing him.

Her skin gleamed white in the shadows. Her skin illuminated the room. With a grunt he knocked her to the ground as he threw off the goggles. They struggled for what seemed like an eternity, him searching for her lips, her avoiding his greasy touch. She elbowed for room and kneed him in the balls. With a hiss he punched her in the jaw. Blood exploded in her mouth and she felt a tooth come loose. He expected this to silence her and force her into submission. It did the opposite. She ripped off her gloves and raked her nails down his face and chest, drawing blood.

“Bitch!” he yelled in astonishment and anger. Why was she fighting so much? Granted this was more fun but quite unexpected. She would have to be taught a lesson. He smiled harshly in the murky night.

Sarah did not waste time responding. That was how he caught her last time. She knew she had to get to the door as it was never locked. The doctor made a deal with her, if she escaped he would leave her alone. Time to test that theory.

She changed tactics. He thought he had subdued her and loosened his grip on her. He moved his hands to lightly clasp her thighs. She stood up, holding his hand and led him towards a full length mirror which was ten metres from the door. She pretended she was doing a strip show for him. She slowly, casually, erotically danced around and against him. He was too frenzied by the change of pace to notice how close she was to the door. She could almost taste freedom.

The lights flicked on. A male guard appeared at the door and apologised for not locking the door. Now the door was locked from the outside.

The doctor smiled, grinning from ear to ear. “Didn’t you know I was lying? I would never let you escape. You’re like the daughter I never had.”

Before she had time to react he grabbed her by the hair and dragged her away.

Sarah awoke the next day too bruised to walk. She heard whispering around her but hurt too much to bother opening her eyes. She felt someone gently caress her arm. She flinched. She had to escape or kill herself. It didn’t matter which. He was so cruel to her and she couldn’t stand it anymore.

Jane and Miette were talking in whispers about her. She could hear they were worried. Why bother? They should be worried about themselves.

Someone cleared their throat. Sarah opened her slowly afraid of reality. Tears slid down her cheeks. Tears of self pity and denial.

Jane spoke. “Why did he hurt you so much? We have to walk a fine line here, to not incite them to hurt us more. I know its wrong but unless we can escape there’s nothing else we can do.”

Miette knelt down and helped Sarah into a sitting position. Jane passed her some chicken soup to feed to Sarah.

“So how can we escape?” Miette asked.

Today was the day the ladies met. Morya had arrived early to talk to the Doctor. “So Sarah didn’t bring me Miette? Damn!” Morya looked at the doctor with distaste. “And that Sarah girl is just bad business. I thought you were going to kill her?”

The doctor looked up annoyed that she questioned him. “I was going to kill her but she’s more useful alive. It seems Miette and Sarah are friends. By keeping Sarah alive we can find out more about Miette.”

Morya nodded in agreement. “Anyway we have to continue to look to look like we are fuck friends otherwise the Queen will suspect something.” With a look of resignation and boredom Morya leaned and undid his trousers.

The Queen jingled her ivory bell. She looked around her bedroom with pleasure. It smelt of incense and blood. What a delightful concoction! A servant rushed into the room and threw herself onto the floor, prostrate and begging for mercy. Her forehead caressing the polished floors.

There was silence. The servant trembled. “What are you doing covering yourself? Remove your clothes now!” The Queen demanded obedience. With her eyes downcast the servant quickly quickly disrobed. Her immature body was on show. She felt eyes judging her.

The Queen spoke. “Look at me. How old are you?”

With increasing fear, the servant girl looked into the bottomless pits of indifferent cruelty. “Twelve, ma’am” she said nervously.

“Why is such a child here? There are no children allowed in this household. If you wish to have the benefits of living here than you must pay the price.” Beckoning, the Queen said, “come here and I’ll show you how adults play.”

The girl started to back away unconsciously, like a startled fawn caught in the headlights of an oncoming car. The Queen matched her and took one step forward. The girl opened her mouth as if to scream out for help but found she had no voice. She felt pressure on her arms as she was pulled in the direction of the Queen’s bed.

The Queen initiated her into adulthood with vicious speed. The girl whimpered and begged throughout it. The Queen laughed with excitement and pleasure. When she was finished and the girl was unconscious she rang her ivory bell. A servant woman promptly appeared at the doorway.

“Yes ma’am?” she queried with her eyes burying themselves into the floor so she could pretend she did not see.

The Queen spoke. “I want your assistance in preparing for tonight. It will be very special. Take one of the plumpest boys from the cages and prepare him. Speaking of cages, I want Miette from my harem to be waiting here for me when I return from my communion with my ladies.”

“Yes ma’am,” the servant answered. The servant walked over to the Queen and started applying bloody patterns of the Queen’s breasts with one hand while pleasuring her with the other. She knew that if she performed exceptionally well she would get ecstasy.

The servant woman tried to ignore the bloody mess on the bed. She knew the girl was still alive, but she had been exhausted and exploited in ways she would never forget. Blood poured from between her thighs, spreading in a dark, thick pool. Nails had ripped holes into her skin. There were patches where the skin had been burnt off by boiling wax. Her face was a mass of bruises and her lips were swollen and bloody. The woman saw this and analysed it as a mathematical problem to be solved, not a child’s body abused and used beyond repair. This was nothing new to her, in fact, the same thing had happened to her on her first night here too. The heroin has been a welcome escape.

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