“So why do you offer yourself?” Inanna asked, raising her left eyebrow in confusion. She looked at the young girl perching primly before her on a wooden stool. She was comely, buxom, with soft curling strawberry blonde hair, falling to her waist. It was the only thing she wore.

Helena laughed, with an edge of terror to it, but said nothing. Inanna crumpled her brow. It made no sense, but it didn’t matter. Father Dagon would be pleased for such a pretty one.

At midnight Helena walked to the edge of the pier and waited for a Deep Ones to come for her. The water started rippling at the surface. A creature emerged, human-sized, all bulging eyes, gills, and covered in scales. A grotesque combination of a man, seal and frog.

‘He’ grabbed her by the ankle and pulled her under the waves. Before she could drown the Deep One covered her mouth and nose with his facial orifice. Massive tentacles came from the depths, grabbing her around the waist, tentatively touching, caressing, her breasts and her inner thighs. She was pulled into the inky blackness leaving behind a trail of blood.

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