Books Naked Violet

Naked Violet, Chapter Fifteen: Violated

 Glowing Embers
 My body has trouble forgetting,
 It relives the bloodletting,   
 My brain says never mind,   
 Perhaps it is more kind.
 I could smell you if I were blind,
 Aftershave and sweat combined,
 I know our marriage bed,  
 Flashbacks to how I fled.
 I have lost the exact time,  
 Nor the day of the war crime,
 No anniversary to recall,    
 The night I was your thrall.
 I tried to forget by drinking,  
 But instead, I was sinking,  
 I became a toy to destroy,   
 Anyone's Helen of Troy.
 I love and trust another man,   
 Now there is a new floor plan,
 But still the body remembers,  
 We make love amidst the embers.
 Thoughts of you bring contempt,  
 I know you will never repent,  
 But yet the body remembers,  
 I hope one day it will forget.   

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