Chapter Fifteen: Violated

 Glowing Embers
 My body has trouble forgetting,
 It relives the bloodletting,   
 My brain says never mind,   
 Perhaps it is more kind.
 I could smell you if I were blind,
 Aftershave and sweat combined,
 I know our marriage bed,  
 Flashbacks to how I fled.
 I have lost the exact time,  
 Nor the day of the war crime,
 No anniversary to recall,    
 The night I was your thrall.
 I tried to forget by drinking,  
 But instead, I was sinking,  
 I became a toy to destroy,   
 Anyone's Helen of Troy.
 I love and trust another man,   
 Now there is a new floor plan,
 But still the body remembers,  
 We make love amidst the embers.
 Thoughts of you bring contempt,  
 I know you will never repent,  
 But yet the body remembers,  
 I hope one day it will forget.   
Blood Bride

I believed you were my remedy,
I assumed marriage was fidelity,
I found out such devilry,
My marriage was a parody.

First was the cheating,
Second, such falsifying,
Drug abuse left me crying,
My denial, so horrifying.

I tried forgiveness,
But this was fictitious,
You bore me false witness,
And then you raped me.

You said it was my fault,
You denied it was assault,
Guilt disowned, you exalt,
Wounds rubbed in salt.

I was nullified and certified.

I have erased your touch,
Escaped the rabbit hutch,
No more double dutch,
Your legacy to me.

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  1. Beautiful Poem Anand Bose from Kerala

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