Chapter Fourteen: Grief

I pushed my grief down,
So deep I could drown.
I locked it away,
For another day.
It escaped its cage,  
Out came the rage.
I forbade this storm,  
Tears began to swarm.  
She was my anchor,
Now there is rancor.
My grief exposed,
I am deposed. 

 Losing You
 I can feel you leaving,
 Amidst the grieving,  
 You have said nothing.  
 Is it bluffing?
 We are alone,  
 I miss your throne.
 My last anchor,  
 Amidst the canker. 

 Midnight Hour
 I lie in bed alone,  
 I almost call his phone.
 Instead I cry,  
 I don't know why.
 Grief is cruel,  
 I am a fool.
 When will I be free?
 I miss me. 

Swan Song

He drags his belly on the ground,
He has become earthbound.   
Yet again she kills another,
Another wound to rediscover,
So many tears yet to fall,  
No pattern; just a scrawl. 

Love's Arrow
 The chain breaks,  
 The heart aches,    
 No earthquakes,   
 Our love tastes sour,  
 Squalid flowers,  
 Pain devours,  
 I empower.  
 I am not your slag,  
 I rip off your gag,  
 Burning my white flag,  
 Above your price tag.  

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