Chapter Thirteen: Anger

he sits on my shoulder

I am a dog trapped in a cage,
All I can do is rage.
I scream against the pain,
Yet it is all in vain.

I am forced to repress,
My new suffocating dress.
I am abandoned in this fog,
Like a dead dog.

I am forced to make a choice,
Either way, someone will rejoice.

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6 replies

  1. Maybe all of this isn’t working
    because is not what’s needed
    by yelling and screaming to it
    emotions could be conceded.

    You think you are abandoned
    you may feel but you are not
    Is difficult to see it or sense it
    when comes a twist of the plot
    cause with each coming day
    in life, you’ve got a new shot.

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  2. I want to talk to you, where could I??


  3. well done. Anger is a difficult emotion to deal with. wishing you the best with your writing & your site 🙂

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