Chapter Twelve: Lonely

 The sprinkles are tears,  
 The icing is my pain,
 The sponge is my body,  
 I will hurt it soon. 

For Sale
Waiting for the hammer to fall,
Listening for your call,
To start the sermon in hell,
When you will compel.
I am to be a silent mouse,
Trapped in his house,
Eyes wide, mouth shut,
Make it a deep cut.
Who will wear their crown, 
The daggers, we will drown,
I am to be lost
Amidst the cost. 

I create my music list,  
My emotional fist.
Tears silently fall.
No one sees the pall.
I have nothing left to demean,  
Instead I careen.
I am the Queen of my grief,  
It is a relief.
I give up. 

 The Two Wolves
 I feel it overflowing,
 The weeds are erupting,
 The tears keep growing,
 The mind is corrupting.
 Which wolf will win?   
 Anger is my sin,
 She breeds in this garden,
 Not my kind of bargain.
 Equally fed, she cries,  
 “The other wolf won't die”.
 Its fleas bite her,
 Blood, she must incur.
 Wolves chained to the floor,
 So close to the door.
 The cool breeze is outside,
 I am lost inside. 

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