Books Naked Violet

Chapter Eleven: Possessed

 My head feels funny,
 My legs feel runny,
 I melt like honey,
 A falling bunny.
 My brain begins to frown,
 My body will break down,
 I will wear the blood crown,
 A flailing playground clown. 

 Tainted Flesh
 I see swirling,  
 Twirling in my mind.
 Eyes tell lies to me.
 That feeling,
 So suffocating.
 Losing the fight.
 I am tainted flesh,
 Falling to the ground.
 Kicking and jerking,
 Grinding and biting,
 Moaning and crying,
 Hoping and losing.
 I am outside of me,
 Floating above me.
 Help me down.
 Watch me while I fall.
 I am not a word.
 I am me. 

 Misunderstood and learning to avoid,
 Interference from those who are devoid,
 Instead of understanding I am destroyed.
 Children and adults, I'm lost in their void.
 Seizures start, hands shaking, I shock,
 All I am is bloody livestock to mock,
 Robert Frost's wandering road, a deadlock,
 My head hurts, others laugh at the hemlock. 

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