Chapter Eight: Raw

Lily giggled excitedly as Jack unlaced her velvet corset. Standing behind her, he moulded her to him. His hands roamed adeptly over her naked breasts, gently rubbing her nipples. With a soft sigh, she leant her head back into his chest. Lily turned in his arms so she could look up into his soft brown eyes. Her hands massaged his abdomen. She helped Jack move the t-shirt over his head, exploring his chest with her nails. She left a trail of kisses down his chest, lingering over his skin. Reaching his black jeans, she undid the button and released the zip as Jack stepped out of his black leather Doc Martens.

Jack knelt before her, removing her knee height plaid skirt. She was left wearing fishnet stay-up stockings and black PVC boots. Lily wore no underwear. With his breath quickening, he rose before her, and pulled her to him, holding her tight by the waist. She leant backward and freed her long black hair from its plait. Putting one hand on his shoulder for leverage she stepped out of her boots.

Jack pulled her onto the bed with him, crumpling the bedsheets. They ravenously kissed each other as Lily entwined her legs around his. He rolled onto his back so he could absorb her beauty and sensuality as she sat astride on top of him. She was looking at him, biting her lower lip with a cheeky glint to her brown eyes.

“Are you ready?” Lily asked, her chest rapidly rising and falling.

Jack’s hands moved up her ribcage and pulled her forward as she slowly lowered herself onto his cock. Jack breathed raggedly as she started riding him hard and fast. She leant backward to change the angle so he now rubbed her g-spot. His hands shot up and grabbed her breasts, holding her in position. A fuzzy, warm feeling seeped throughout her body. Her eyes fluttered as he thrust deep inside her. Jack held back. He wanted her to be satisfied before he came. His right hand moved down and, with his thumb, he started rubbing her nub. Lily felt herself slip her body. She softly moaned as she came.

Now that she had had her pleasure, Jack took his. His swiftly flipped her over so he could ride her from behind. He held her in position pushing himself rhythmically inside and out of her. Slowly he moved her down so she was lying on the bed, spread-eagled. He sped up his pace. His breathing became fast and desperate. He moved his right hand underneath her, so that he could pleasure her while he took her. She started rubbing herself against his hand while he fucked her. She cried out as they came in pleasure.

Slowly they untangled and Lily finally removed her fishnets stay-up stockings. Jack pulled her to him, spooning her. Together they fell into a deep slumber.

The sun streamed through the window. She woke up and turned in his arms to face him. He was so beautiful, she thought to herself. His brows wrinkled in his sleep. Jack awoke to her watching his face, her lips pursed slightly in concentration.

“What are you thinking, pretty girl?” Jack asked, hiding his doubt. After last night, he thought she would hungover. Someone had to drink frequently and a lot to not feel nauseated the next day. But then, they had both been drunk. He had drunk rum whereas she was a vodka woman. It didn’t worry him though. He was not averse to alcohol. In fact, it was a weekly and weekend event for him.

“I was just thinking about last night.” She blushed. She didn’t remember much of last night. The last memory she had was seeing him standing alone at the bar in the nightclub. She would have sashayed over and kissed him. It was always a good way to get a man’s attention. She always drank heavily. Beyond that, it was quite blurry.

Jack grinned at her and said “It was quite the night. We have to do it again.” He gently kissed her lips as she licked his bottom lip. She tasted as good as he remembered.

For Lily this was the first time she remembered kissing him. It was soft, passionate and giving. She snuggled into him and wished she could stay here forever. For once there had been no nightmares. It had been ages since she slept well. But then it had only been six months since her separation from Mike. It had been an odious marriage. First, there was the cheating, then the drug abuse; finally he violated her. Just the common garden-variety type, no bruises or broken bones, but always the overwhelming shame, guilt and dread.

Jack watched Lily’s feelings flutter across her face and wondered what she was really thinking. His ex-girlfriend Abigail had always lied to him. He had been sidelined for another man from the onset. She had never separated from her husband. Jack was the romantic liaison poisoning Abigail’s marriage. Both men had been kept in the dark. Abigail had made him cynical, distrustful of women. How much longer could he risk the heartbreak?

Lily and Jack swapped email addresses and mobile phone numbers. He was optimistic about the future, another chance at real love. The feeling was not mutual. She was worried. The only time she wasn’t afraid was when she was either drunk or emotionally high after a one night stand. It was hard, to be honest with herself. Alcohol and sex combined made her forget what Mike did. Sober she remembered who she was and what had happened. No man would want the real her. She was used goods to be thrown away.

Jack and Lily continued dating. During the week they texted back and forth, messages filled with flirting and jokes. Each weekend they’d met up for a repeat performance. Lily remembered nothing but slept well afterwards. It was worth it. Jack fell in love while Lily ran scared. The more he accepted her the more Lily knew she was falling in love with him. She feared how much she would ache if Jack betrayed her like Mike did.

Finally Lily couldn’t take it anymore. She was lying to him by staying. He deserved better; someone who could love him, someone who wasn’t broken. She was a coward so she broke up with him via text message; another misdeed to add to her shame. She got drunk again and lost herself in another man’s arms. It didn’t matter who provided she didn’t feel.

Jack was enraged and hurt. A bloody text message. Is that all he was worth? He drank alone again at the club and nervously combed his hands through his hair. As he squinted his eyes to see through the darkness, he saw Lily kissing another man. Fucking bitch! She was just like his ex after all. It was time he was in for himself. He saw a girl sitting by herself, her shoulders hunched over. She seemed ripe for the picking and take her he would.

Lily often drove by his house over the next month. She missed him; his scent, his laugh, his smile, and the way he wrinkled his brow. She wanted to talk to him, to be held by him. She wanted to beg for him to take her back. What if he had been the one? Instead, she sat in her car and cried.

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