Chapter One

The Queen dipped her fingers into the gaping wound welling at the child’s neck. She smeared the blood in concentric circles on her breasts. Taking one last lick of the drying blood, she slapped the child in the face to wake him up. His eyes open and with horror and he realised this was real. With a serene smile, she beat him to death with a brick. Picking him up and holding him at arm’s length she carried the boy to the oubliette and let him fall to join the others.

She placed the tarnished bronze key on the ebony marble fireplace mantelpiece. She stood tall and proud, naked and bloody in the firelight. She undid the ribbons that held her hair in a tight bun. Long black hair cascaded down to her buttocks. She took out rugs and silk cushions from the nearby pantry and placed them in a large circle on the stone floor. She lit the wicks on the tallow candles adorning the altar. All naked and swinging hips, a coven of women entered. The air was fragrant – a stench of death, pain, pleasure and blood.

Drinking from a chalice, she teased “anyone for a bite?” Laughing the ladies seated themselves, bloody bare breasts mingling. The flesh was there for the sacrifice. Leaning forward, her nipples tickled the alter as she groped for her ivory bell. New to her service, two female teenagers arrived. They approached the dais with a sense of foreboding, their eyes boring holes into the floor.

“Come to me, my children, drink to your fill.” She beckoned to her coven who surrounded the teenagers. They started feeding. Satiated, one by one they stopped and stepped away from the dais. They bowed and seated themselves. Blood dripped from their mouths.

She slapped both girls on the buttocks and sent them reeling in their weakened state onto a pile on the floor. Unconscious, neither girl moved. The ladies laughed. The ivory bell sang again. A young servant scurried in. The Queen pointed to the unconscious girls. The serving girl dragged the senseless girl across the stone floor. She knew she would have to return for the other, and it was a risk. But the peril was worth it, such sweet heroin for the taking.

The coven turned to their leader for direction. She waved them toward the next room. The ornate great hall was a sight to behold. Chandlers glittering in the firelight from a massive hearth to warm the room. In the middle of the room lay the prepared feasts. Vulnerable in his nakedness, a fourteen-year-old boy lay roasted and skinned. His eyes stuck shut, his mouth crammed with an apple, like any stuffed pig.

The Queen strode into the room, dominating it with her mere presence. She took the throne at the head of the oak banquet table, covered with a damask cloth. Fragrant with scents of blood and perfume, the coven entered. The women seated themselves in descending pack order.

The Queen clapped her hands together and the coven immediately fell into silence. She rose before them, naked in the shimmering firelight. Her long black hair enveloped her pale buttocks and muscular thighs.

“My banquets are infamous. If you need further satisfaction, take a woman,” the Queen drawled. “Do not mark them or bleed them,” she demanded, with an unspoken threat in her tone. “They are mine.”

Her ivory bell rang and the harem women entered. Each woman crawled on their hands and knees across the floor. A red silk thong their only covering. Long luxuriant hair of various hues escaped down their backs. Something to hold onto.

The harem women slithered underneath the damask tablecloth. As one, they spread the ladies’ legs wide, licking and sucking their inner lips. The coven shuddered and screamed in pleasure. They arched their backs in tension as they found rapture.

One harem woman, with strawberry blonde hair, sat rigid at the foot of the Queen’s throne. She stared at the floor with a dead facial expression.

The Queen jingled her ivory bell. The coven and harem women stopped and waited. “Now that the entree’s finished,” the Queen said, smirking, “the main meal may begin.” With that, she pointed to the dead boy on the banquet table.

There was an electric carving knife next to the boy’s head. The silent woman, who had been sitting at the Queen’s feet, rose and sliced pieces off his shoulder. She handed them out to each coven member. Silent tears were running down her cheeks. Once she had served the women, she walked back to the throne and sat at the Queen’s feet again. The Queen twirled the woman’s blonde hair between her fingers. A faraway expression crossed the Queen’s face.

Underneath the table, each harem member knelt on the floor. Waiting.

The coven gorged themselves on the dead boy’s flesh. Covered in human fat dripping down cleavages they were a surreal image to espy. Eating dead flesh made them all feel nauseous but it was part of the Queen’s ritual. She liked to watch others do her bidding. Harm themselves. Proof of her power. A powerful vampire could turn this physical pain into pleasure.

One of the coven members, Morya said, “Boys taste the best. I do prefer them alive during my meal, but this gift is appreciated.” She licked her lips and looked with clear lust at the Queen. Lust for her, lust for power. It was the same heady mix in the end.

Opposite her at the banquet table, Lise spoke. She had been the last to sit as she was the lowest of them. Unlike the rest she was not of noble birth and nor was she that old. Fifteen years a human, twenty years a vampire. “I found him to be dry.” With a sly smile, she said, “the chef needs discipline.”

The Queen yanked out a clump of the blonde woman’s hair in uncontrolled anger. The woman yelped in pain. The Queen’s fury became cold and deadly. “Who are you to question my gift?” The Queen recommenced winding her fingers throughout the blonde woman’ hair. The woman flinched. “The chef was my choice as it was her son’s sacrifice.”

Lise begged, “I didn’t know this, my Queen. I would never insult you.”

With a wicked laugh, the Queen added, “Oh I know you wouldn’t. That is why you will come to see me tonight, once the rest of the coven have left.” Lise whimpered yes in agreement.

The Queen stood, towering over the seated coven. “Dinner is over. Get out until I request you next.” She left the great hall with the strawberry blond woman in tow.

The coven looked at each. Usually, they would have taken a harem women for pleasure at the estate. With Lise in jeopardy leaving was common sense. They left the room the same way they came in, in descending order. Lise stayed seated at the banquet table by herself. The remaining harem women crawled out from under the table and left the room too.

Lise entered the Queen’s bedchambers. She felt scared and unsure. The first person she saw was the strawberry blonde harem woman. She gestured to her to follow. The Queen lay sprawled on her King-sized bed. She acted like a cat that had licked cream.

“Lise, you will be punished.” the Queen intoned.

Nodding her head, Lise said, “yes, my Queen. What do you want?”

“Your humiliation.”

Lise’s eyes opened in shock and fear but it was too late. A brown sack went over her head as she lost consciousness. She woke to find herself tied by a rope to a wooden board; a leather collar strapped around her neck. Hanging from the ceiling were chains. She wanted to escape but knew the Queen would hunt her down. Better to take the pain.

The board shifted under Lise raising her into a vertical position. Now she was face-to-face with the Queen.

“What are you going to do to me?” Lise whispered.

“I will do nothing,” the Queen said laughing. “I am unsure whether to gag you or not. I want to hear you beg, but it is distracting too.” With a childish grin, the Queen said, “why don’t we play it by ear, unless I take your ear.”

Lise heard a door open behind her. Soft whispering filled the room. The board moved and Lise was again staring at the ceiling. Lise felt herself being blind-folded. The board splayed Lise’s legs. Her hands remained pinned to her side. Lise felt a hand caress her leg and move toward her inner thigh. Something wet entered her, big and uncomfortable. Large hands touched her breasts, pulling hard at her nipples. Nails raked her flesh.

Her hands became free. Lise moved and ripped off her blindfold. Cameras recorded every move. The Queen stood behind a cameraman with a malicious smile on her face. Lise found a pale-skinned powerful man covering her. His long dark brown hair fell onto her breasts. He smiled wickedly at her. His fangs showed.

Without warning, he pulled her off the board, picked her up and shoved her against the wall. He thrust his fangs and cock into her simultaneously. She cried out in pain. She started biting him back, rending his shoulders with her fangs to escape. He must have been an older vampire than her. Lise felt like a human in his arms. She couldn’t think. Was he drinking too much blood, or could he do mind control? Either way, she flopped in his arms and did nothing while he ravaged her.

He turned her around for the cameras and hooked her arms into the iron cuffs hanging from the ceiling. Her knees touched the floor but she couldn’t move either. He took her like she was a dog from behind. He rubbed her softness, bled her and fucked her until she came. Hanging there exhausted, Lise waited until he finished. She had no fight left.

Coming around to the front of her he stood up and shoved his cock in her mouth. Then he fucked her mouth. She started gagging and choking. She felt another man enter her between her buttocks. This unknown man pleasured her inner lips. She opened her mouth wider in ecstasy which stopped the gagging. The first man moved with greater urgency in her mouth. She screamed in pleasure. As she did, the second man let out an exulted cry. The first man came on her face with a triumphant visage to his eyes.

She hung there embarrassed and humiliated. The two men who had violated her left the room without a backward glance. The cameramen packed up their equipment and left the room too.

Once all was quiet in the room, Lise looked up. The Queen was watching her with a very intense expression. With a malicious smile, she said,” Geoffroi and Salem are a heady mix. Now that they know you they will come back. Whenever they please.”

Lise looked up at the Queen with something akin to fear. “What do you mean?”

With a sneer, the Queen said, “We feed off pleasure and pain as well as blood. They are incubi to my succubus. Humans are necessary. Vampires a delicacy. Usually, we are not allowed access to another coven.” With a laugh, she said, “I made an exception for you.”

The strawberry-blonde harem woman walked into the room. She unchained Lise and let her fall exhausted to the ground. The Queen looked at the blonde woman as if asking for approval. The harem woman looked at the Queen, nodded her head, and left the room in silence.

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  1. The gruesome style of writing the hidden subconscious is very much admired. Anand Bose from Kerala

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  2. I find writing to be both freeing and cathartic. I’m glad you’re enjoying my writing. 🙂


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