Chapter Ten: Parable

 Eve's Punishment

“The devil's agent, enemies of God”
screeched the misogynist judge.
“Confess your sin and rest in peace;
look me not with your evil eyes!”
“Demon back!”

“Take this woman to hang and burn,”
jeered the young guard.
“Entertainment for the holy concern –
try the thumbscrews tonight.”

Shaved, naked, dumbfounded,
The maiden was hung at dawn.
Her child's cry sliced the air by knife.
The laughed while the infant did mourn.

 Lunar Eclipse
  Alas the moon should ever rise,  
 To show the hurt and the pain,
 I hope the sun will never set,
 On my true love again.
 Memories of the love we shared
 Just before you went,
 Are still engraved in my heart,
 A love that was heaven sent.
  But that's all past and gone,
 I have nothing for the pain,
 The moon and sun will never shine,
 On my true love again. 

Solder ABC

Handcuffed and tortured.
Dead Afghan villager;  SAS murder.
“Do you want me to drop this cunt?”
Red prayer beads, no defense.

Punching a child in the face;
Murdering dogs they embrace.
Blood lust, they are defaced.
“Let him have a taste.”

Helmet footage proof;
War crimes abound
We wonder why a jihad.
I wonder why not.

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