Chapter Seven: Hope

I believe

Tomorrow I will be thinner,
Then I will be a winner.
Next year I will smarter.
Why do I have to barter?
Why is it win or lose?
It is time for me to choose.

I will look after me.
I will no longer flee.
I will stop feeding the beast,
No longer will he feast.
I am to be free,
This is my decree.

 Not Today
 I have been there; a broken wishbone.
 I had planned my own granite gravestone.
 I was lost in the free fall drop zone.
 But I promise it can be postponed.
 Life will not always be monochrome.
 The River Styx doesn't need your poem.
 Drop the bloody razors, pick up the phone.
 Put down the sleeping pills and come home.
 Sometimes life feels like a perverse foul play.
 Bullets astray; life's not a screenplay.
 Don't dismay; I survived this speedway.
 Not today, delay for a new day. 

 Suddenly I See
 Swimming in dirty trickery,
 Calamity takes such liberty,
 Drinking the bitter distillery,
 Drop your artillery.
 Sad past, I can see the coastline,
 The future is my bloodline,
 It is written in the fault line,
 The journey to hope is divine.

 Years ago love created life,  
 I have never felt so complete.
 I killed my joy for fear and lust,  
 My weakness and my one regret.
 I watched others have children,  
 I accepted it was not my life,  
 I grieved and hardened my soul.
 Then a golden-haired child came into my life,  
 She broken in and stole my heart. 

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