Chapter Two: Kiss

Rowan pulled me to him and held me tight by my neck. He tipped my head back so he could kiss me. He was too tall and my neck was hurting. I shut my eyes and wrapped my arms around his neck ’cause that’s what they do in movies. His lips were rough and greedy, while my lips were stuck in the suction of a vacuum cleaner. His tongue filled my mouth, wandering unchallenged.

He grabbed my breast and rubbed his thumb over my nipple. I jumped. Mills and Boons hadn’t prepared me for this. I didn’t think his touch would be so scary. I felt out of control. I got lost in this warm feeling, honey dripping down my spine. I felt special and wanted. Now I understood why girls mooned over their first kiss. I had never felt this exhilarated and didn’t want it to stop.

Then he pulled away. I felt confused and alone. I didn’t know why he kissed me or why he stopped. Looking at me he licked his lips and then walked away.

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  1. Nice post,Lesleigh Hart! Thank you for sharing! I believe we can learn a lot about people from the books they love the most! With this in mind, I want to ask you: what are your top 5 books you love reading?

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