Chapter Four: Extinct Flames


We are two but I am alone.
Do you only hear me drone?
May fate already have sewn,
Crying a stifled moan.

My tears silently calling,
Insignificance falling,
Unnoticed by your mauling,
Intent on your own recalling.

Lust is different to love.
Can you define the above?
My heart, fragile like a dove,
Smothered in your iron glove.


So lonely with no home,
I cling to you, told to roam.
Desperation clutching hands -
Drowning in sorrowful sands.

Inconsideration screams -
Mindless of the pain he dreams.
Tears intertwined with my blood;
No hope, annihilating flood.

I am your wasted dead end.
There is nothing to defend.
My craving has been exchanged.
Alone again, nothing has changed.

 Filthy Eyes

Drowning in our salty bed of dreams,
Trapped by your taunting ocean tides,
Long black cruel flowers have violated me,
Reflecting your filthy eyes' desires.

Caressed by writhing nails,
You are my soul's fire.
Your selfish hands defiled,
All the sins I had to hide.

You tempt me in the desolate night,
With other bodies, other thighs,
I need your pretty games,
Abandoned by your filthy eyes.

Malicious lies, delicious lies,
Give me lies I will believe,
Give me lies, keep me alive,
I believe inside your filthy eyes.


By beau bestowing on me,
Suffocating in the sea,
Ploughing away, so carefree,
On a savage midnight spree.

Your eyes pierce me to the wall,
Catapulting a curve ball,
Spiralling in the downfall,
My soul's deadwood, a fireball.

 Rigor Mortis

You captured my heart,
Expectations flying high,
Falling swiftly for blue eyes,
Freed by your charms.

My heart was crushed,
Thrown into the dirt,
No reason why,
Tear stains on my favourite shirt.

My first kiss,
My first ice of hurt.

Ring Finger

For you, I fell headlong,
Seduced by your birdsong.
I believed in forever adore,
Instead, I was your whore.

I was prey to your heart,
Ignorant; just a spare part.
Lies; words to embellish,
Laid bare for you to relish.

I grieved your betrayal,
Your false portrayal.
Overwhelmed; self-reproach,
Fleeing the tainted cockroach.


Other legs, other lies,
Feel the pain behind my eyes,
Stinging, but you don't see,
Risk yourself and honour me.
Another woman on the rise,
Falling in this guise.
I am leaving but you have not seen,
Another one lost to this dream.

 The cat's-paw

Hearts that care,
Captivated and free,
Uncurling with dare,
Under an innocent sky.

Trust and honesty died,
The storm approached,
Petals blown aside,
Abandoned and defiled.

Withdrawn and rejected,
Only able to cry,
Dying without being loved,
Before innocent eyes.

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