Chapter One : Rabbit


Rabbit annihilated Gary’s life. In its flowery summer dress, the rabbit shed tears, not for Gary, but herself. She wondered how many times he would have to die in this small dingy room, but Daddy did have to die. The Rabbit cuddled her teddy, returned to her hutch and slept.

A female jogger tripped over a dead man’s body three days later. She claimed she was clairvoyant and that his angry spirit led her to him. Channel 10 News announced he was another victim of an alleged serial killer. His name was Gary Tousen, in his mid-30s, married with children. The scene was gruesome, his genitals hacked off, the number seven carved onto his forehead. Thirteen victims in thirteen months. The Queensland Police tip-off line flashed at the bottom of the television screen.


Today was an auspicious day for Andy Walker. He finally got a job after ten months of unemployment. “At least the missus will get off my back” he thought to himself. He arrived at the work car park at 10:40 pm. Shelf stacking, glamorous work! Last year he would have lorded over those who did such a menial job. Now he was damn thankful. Pride doesn’t feed three whiny brats.

“Typical, the lights don’t work” Andy mumbled. Out of the darkness came a woman’s voice, young and scared. “Please help” she whispered. “He’s coming back!” Without a thought, Andy ran into the darkness which was the last thing he saw.


It was 6 am and Andy was late getting home. Bloody hell, Rebecca thought to herself. He knew she needed help getting the girls ready for school. There was a gentle rap on the front door. She got ready to yell at Andy, only to see Debbie at the door.

“Hi, Debbie.” Rebecca smiled. “What brings you to my door at this hour?” She immediately felt better. Debbie must be a wonderful casualty nurse she mused. Such a relaxing presence.

Blushing a little under her blonde bangs, Debbie said, “I’ve lost my kitchen scissors so now I have meat going to waste on my kitchen bench.” Looking up at Rebecca, she smiled and said: “you don’t mind?”

The morning already shot to pieces, Rebecca grinned back and said “Yeah, meat is too expensive to waste. Get it on your way home from night shift?”

Nodding in agreement, Debbie shrugged her shoulders and said: “well it pays the bills.”

“Come in” Rebecca beckoned as she turned around and stomped back to the kitchen. “I’ve got to get the kids ready for school and Andy’s late coming home”, she said. “If he’s wasting money on booze again…” she muttered.

Debbie came around and patted Rebecca on her arm. “It’s okay. I’ll get out of your hair.” She smiled and took the scissors with her and closed the front door behind her.


Debbie’s features distorted as she walked into her kitchen. Her petite face filled with rage as she slammed the utensil down.

Her left eye twitched and her body jerked. Her demeanor changed again. She started wiping the blood splatters off the kitchen counter. Some splotches remained behind on the stove top but she would get to that later.

First, she had to talk to Father. Rage filled her at the thought of him. Her eyes rolled in her head and aloud she said: “we’re going to fucking roast him!” Picking up the scissors she stormed into the spare bedroom. She slammed the door shut and watched Father jump and piss himself.


Right, we’re gonna go over it again, you bastard,” she screamed. “All you have to do is admit it!”

She ran her bloody hands through her tangled blonde hair in exasperation. She curled up next to the blindfolded and bound man and licked his cheek. “If you say it, I’ll give you anything you want,” she whispered. Tears rolled down her face as she said, “the way you showed me, Daddy.

She couldn’t understand how his clothes changed. Why was he always in a different car? How come he was always cheating on Mummy with those whores and their bastard children? Daddy always lied about his name. He said his name was Andy when she knew he was Daddy. Why was he so cruel to her? She would get the truth from him.

She stood up and walked to the other side of the room. “We are not happy” she intoned, her hands caressing the blades of the metal scissors.

“Please miss” he begged. “let me go back to my family.” His breath ragged, the bruises on his chest purple and raw. “I won’t tell” he whispered, his head falling forward onto his chest as he lay slumped against a green dirty wall.

She shook her head as if to clear it. With her lips curling back in derision she yelled, “I was seven! You said you would stop once Mummy came home after Rachael was born.”

There was suffocating silence in the room. Andy didn’t know if he preferred to know or not. All he knew was that it was black and getting darker.

There was a feeling of material wafting over his leg followed by a punch to the jaw. A smell of soap came near as he heard voices talking, but not to him.

“I don’t want to kill him” the little girl whimpered.

The angry woman with the gravelly voice yelled: “I want to kill the bastard now!”

Finally, the calm one, who sounded so familiar, said “we have no choice. We can’t keep Father dirtying up this house much longer. My dreams have been bad.”

All Andy could hear was faint breathing and a metallic swooshing sound. The swooshing stopped and for Andy, there was no more as the scissors punctured his heart.


Safe in her hutch, Rabbit watched as Protector carved seven into his forehead. Bitch hacked his genitals off. He would never hurt Rabbit again.

Debbie skipped away from Andy, giggling like a little girl, dancing to her own Danse Macabre.

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