Chapter Two: Betrayal

Alter Ego

Princess in an ivory tower,
Adored behind a glass bower,
Loneliness, darkness I cower,
A wildflower to devour.

Other islands so far away.
Adjacent bridges soon to sway.
Pledges cementing my airway.
Ridiculous insane child's play.

Truth hiding in endless mazes.
I yearn for freedom from crazes.
The moonlight, she always blazes.
My aching heart, always dazes.


Ignorance can be such bliss.
You say you knew not of my pain.
You saw my blood fall with your death kiss.
Ignorance you parodied in vain.

You say you wanted for yourself.
You didn't care what you pushed.
You hurt the one who loved the most.
You lost what you never valued.

Your pity is like acid on open wounds.

Fairy Tale

Would you know my name if you found me encased in blood.
With nothing but pain, razors are all I have left to confide.
Time breaks my heart, beating me to the floor.
The flood gates open as my blood flows out the door.

The Hunger

Reflecting mirrors,
What do you see?
Reflecting echoes,
Do you hear me?

The bow and archer,
Who are you shooting?
The burning hurting,
Why do you taunt me?

I was the hunter,
Now I am hunted.
I was the hunger,
Now I am destroyed.

The poisonous fish,
She eats me alive.
This cancerous love,
She devours me.

Wasted lives.

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2 replies

  1. Amazing beautiful creative poem..loved the title too…keep blogging…Have an amazing day

    Liked by 1 person

  2. ‘Your pity is like acid on open wounds’… Devastatingly effective.
    Great poetry! 🖤

    Liked by 1 person

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